Hey, Bakers!!!!

My name is Christine and I consider myself a novice baker. Baking was not a family practice growing up and I have no formal training. I always wanted to bake from scratch but it was intimidating. It was easier to buy a box mix of whatever, follow the instructions, and voila: a cake, brownies, cookies, or other item.

My “from scratch” baking started five years ago. My husband was starting a new job and I thought maybe I could ease him into this job if I butter up his co-workers with a few sweet treats. I figured I’d try making chocolate chip cookies from a recipe and not use the pre-made dough from the store.

I made many mistakes when I first started. There was the time I measured the butter wrong…good grief!  I mixed all the cookie ingredients together scooped the cookies baked them for the allotted time pulled them out of the oven and began to cry. There was so much butter in the pan that it looked like I melted a pound of butter and placed globs of cookie dough in between. Everything just slid off the pan.

I have had many successes since then but still many hiccups. I recently wanted to try to make homemade cream puffs. Again, the thought of making a pate a choux was intimidating. After watching many Food Network shows and watching these little kids make this stuff like pros, I figured it would be safe for me to try. Hey, if an 8-year-old could do it so could I…right?

Well, I found a recipe on Pinterest (love that site!) that looked pretty straight forward. I made the pate a choux first and it looked pretty good. Then I tried making the pastry cream. It did not turn out as good. I followed all the directions and yet it looked like scrambled eggs at the end. I thought, “I followed the directions what did I do wrong?” I then decided to find a YouTube video to see exactly how it’s done.

Wouldn’t you know, I didn’t do anything wrong! The directions were lacking. This is what inspired me to create this blog. I will try recipes from the Internet and let you know if it was successful or not. Keep in mind I don’t eat my baked goods so you will have to rely on my husband’s review for that piece of the pie. I haven’t ventured into pie making yet. I will get there soon.

FYI, the reason I don’t eat my own baked goods is because I have many food sensitivities and I can’t eat anything that is processed or synthetic. I can’t eat sugar, either, because it sets off my anxiety issues. I “choose” not to eat pastries (my husband, on the other hand, can’t get enough of them).

If you are interested in baking or you’re just a beginner – or not – check out my blog for some great reviews of recipes.

Happy Baking!